Material and technical base

The chair provides:

  • Methodically and consulting room, equipped with modern personal computers designed for teaching methods and research work of teachers, graduate students, job seekers, graduates and students;
  • Educational and research processes are organized mostly in laboratories:

- "Water Treatment Technologies" (Audience 228), which is the basis for discipline, "Water purification technology", "Wastewater treatment", etc .;

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- "Operation of water supply and sanitation" (Audience 106), which is the basis for discipline: "Wastewater networks and facilities", "Water systems and facilities", "Operation of water facilities", etc .;

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- "Hydraulic Machines and Hydraulics" (Audience 107), which is the basis for the disciplines: "Engineering Hydraulics", "Pumping station and blowers", "Hydraulic and aerodynamic machines", "Special Issues hydraulics, water supply and drainage facilities," "Sanitary - technical equipment of buildings ", etc .;

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- "Computer Technology" (Audience 205).

Laboratory occupy a total area of 304 sq.m.

  • The department has the necessary computer base and has its own WEB-site(
  • At the department has developed the introduction of new technologies associated with the use of computer applications for testing students, multimedia technology in lectures and practical classes.

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