History of the Department

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O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv (O.M. Beketov NUUE ) was established in 1922.

The department was created in 1945 and was called "Water and sanitation".

ОThe founder of the department and its first head was professor, candidate of technical sciences M. Casas, who worked in HIIKS in 1934 to work with him - Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Cherkes D.S., Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Malishevsky G.N ., in 1936 to work in the future come HIIKS professor, doctor of Technical Sciences Andonyev S.M.

Since 1932, the Deputy Director of HIIKS worked Shejko Grigory Korneevich, teaching disciplines "Water supply", in 1940 he was appointed Commissar of Public Utilities of Ukraine.

The first set of students on a specialty "Water Supply and Sanitation" was produced in 1946. However, according to the order of the Ministry of Higher Education of the USSR, in 1947, sanitary department was disbanded along with a special "Water Supply and Sanitation", submitted to the KHISI. At this time, was a graduate student in the department of A.I. Shakhov, who in 1954, as an assistant professor, PhD. tehn. Sciences, revived the department, now called "Sanitary" and became its head. He worked as head of the department "Sanitary" to 1976.

In 1966 he was made a set of students on a specialty "Treatment of natural water and sewage", first discovered in the USSR (1217).

Since 1976, head of the department "Sanitary" became associate professor, PhD. tehn. Sciences Muzychenko A.N. In 1980 the department of "Sanitary" divide Department "Heat and cold supply and ventilation" and the department "Sanitary" was renamed the Department of "Water Purification and plumbing." In 1990 the department of "Water Purification and sanitary" separates the department "Environmental Engineering cities" and the department "Water Purification and sanitary" is renamed the Department of "Water supply, wastewater and water treatment" in this period, from 1986 to 1991. head of department was associate professor, PhD. tehn. Sciences Bereshchuk N.Y.

Since 1991, the department was headed by Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences  Dushkin S. S. - Emeritus Professor of O. M. Beketov National University of Urban Economic, a corresponding member of the Engineering Academy of Ukraine, the Excellence in Education of Ukraine.

Since September 2015 the department is headed by Stalinsky D. V. - doctor of technical sciences, Professor, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine, Academician of the International Academy of Engineering, Ukrainian Academy of Technology, Engineering Academy of Ukraine, Honorary Doctor of Economics, General Director of the Ukrainian State Scientific and Technical Center "Energostal".

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