Learning facilities

Лого з підп  Learning facilities            

The Digital Repository of the University contains:

  • electronic resources;
  • lecture notes;
  • methodical instructions;
  • textbooks and manuals;
  • abstracts;
  • dissertations;
  • articles;
  • scientific and technical collection "Municipal utilities";
  • scientific and technical journal "Lighting and Power Engineering".

Search of educational and methodical literature of the Department of Water and Wastewater Engineeringin  OM Beketov NUUE  Digital repository.carried out in several ways:

дистанц репозиторий англ


Access to digital objects of the digital repository is also possible through Ukrainian harvester.

The digital repository is registered in the international register ROAR.


To the attention of Digital Repository users!

To search for materials, use the following links:

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Search by number or author in BASE

Electronic catalog OM Beketov NUUE


More detailed information on how to use the Electronic Catalog can be found by following the link: library.kname.edu.ua/index.php/uk/e-resursi/elektronnij-katalog

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